Blogging · April 28, 2022

Why Do I need a blog?

Many people are still asking this question and even some that already have a blog want to know if it is really worth it. The time it takes to post to the blog everyday, optimizing it for the search engines, submitting it to blog directories, etc. Why is it worth my time and effort?

There are several reasons that your company needs a blog and different ways to set it up to achieve different results.

1. Increased link popularity for your website.

2. More content added to your website daily, which in turn brings the search engines to crawl your website more often and increases the number of pages indexed in the search engines.

3. It is your store window. If you had an offline store, customers come in but do not see every single product or service you offer. That is why storeowners put items in their store window. A blog is the window for your website. It allows you to showcase a particular product or service each day.

4. Each blog post becomes a webpage of its own. If written properly with SEO in mind for specific keywords and phrases each day, those blog posts become webpages that are extremely optimized for the search engines.

5. Static websites can be submitted to directories and search engines. Blogs can also be submitted to directories and search engines. However, in addition to that, when I manage your blog, we also ping all of the relevant blog search engines and blog directories each time a post gets made. This gives you entirely new sources of traffic.

6. A blog is also another doorway into your website. With each blog you set up you increase the likelihood of someone finding out about your website and what you have to offer.