Uncategorized · June 25, 2022

Tips on clearing your Pores and maintaining healthy skin


Beautiful skin is everybody’s dream, some are blessed with it but for most of us it involves a lot of hard work. In an attempt to get flawless skin, people tend to use any and every product that is introduced in the market and promises the moon.


In their desperation for clear and beautiful skin, most people do not realize that companies that manufacture cosmetics use all possible gimmicks to attract your attention and that most of their claims are mere hype.


Secondly, clogging of pores is caused by various factors like lack of proper cleansing, increased oil secretion, dry skin, large number of dead skin cells, increased sweating, genes, makeup, constant touching of face, allergies, high sugar or high carbohydrate diet etc.


Lastly, all skin disorders are due to blocking of pores and the only way to healthy skin is to clear your pores. These rules will help achieve clear skin. You can also learn about “how to change your facial structure“, click here



  1. Never use oil based lotions or creams as this will increase blocking of pores. Always use products that are non comedogenic.
  2. Never wear tight headbands or hats or helmets while playing or exercising and always ensure your clothes are washed before using.
  3. Moisten your skin and keep it well hydrated by using mild moisturizers. Using moisturizers immediately after cleansing helps it retain moisture.
  4. Never over scrub your face as it will damage your skin and deprive it of its required nutrients. It is important that you wash your face thoroughly so as to remove all impurities. However, washing with cleanser and water alone is not enough to remove all the dirt and grime. Using an astringent on cotton will help remove the dirt and grime completely. Removing the dirt, grime and dead cells from the surface of the skin is very important for healthy skin because if it is not removed completely then the grime and cleanser mix with the sebum and clog your pores. Moreover, there is no need to use any harsh chemicals to clean it, gentle astringents, and mild ingredients like salicylic acid, retinoic acids, glycolic acids work best in unclogging the pores. Avoid products with benzoyl peroxide, as they can cause side effects.

These are some simple steps and precautions that need to be followed in order to get beautiful skin. Always remember nothing is achieved without hard work, so also beauty and you need to start immediately, if you want that beautiful glowing skin.