Blogging · April 28, 2022

Simple tips to make your site the best

Follow these simple design features when creating your next webpage and you will have the best that can be:

Good Keywords

Good keywords are the very first building blocks you must consider before your webpage even becomes a dim notion in your head. You must do major research on the keyword or keyword phrases that will be the focal point and drawing card for your webpage. You must get this right. It is vital. It is the single most important element of a webpage. You can use keyword research software and sites such as GoodKeywords,,, or superior keyword research software such as Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite. Regardless of what process you favor, you must choose your keywords very carefully. You must check the competition for your chosen keywords or phrase. You must check the number of searches made each month for your keyword. You must also check the keyword density of your page
to see if it will register in the search engines. You may have to adjust or fine-tune your keyword density at a later date. Make sure you place your keyword in the title of your page. Place it in the first Headline on the page and many marketers also place their keyword or phrase in the url. For example: This will help the search engines and surfers to find your page quicker.


Let’s face it, the average webpage will get most of its traffic from the search engines, mainly Google, although MSN and Yahoo are also worth considering. Optimize your page for Google. Use a simple hierarchy, keep your pages no more than three clicks away from the main page. Linking all your pages to your index page is a good practice, always do this. The search engines will find your page faster if it is linked directly from the main index page of your site.
Using blogging software/structure that comes with such free blogging software as WordPress will optimize your pages for you. Blogging systems have a linking hierarchy (categories, archives, etc.) that are very search engine friendly. It’s almost impossible not to optimize your pages if you’re using a blogging system. Plus, you have an RSS feed that will syndicate your content and place it into the search engines very quickly. Check factors such as Mega Tags,
title description and content. Use a robots text file for the search engine robots.

Fresh Content

A great webpage will always have fresh content. Make sure you update your webpage often. Our world’s technology changes rapidly, make sure your material is current and still revelant. Remember, 9 times out of 10, the only reason a visitor is on your page is for information. Make sure you deliver. Make sure that information is recent and accurate. Besides, there is nothing like fresh content to keep your visitors interested and coming back for more.