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“Haunted Slots” is truly from out of this world

We have seen a lot of development and changes in the gaming industry in the last several years but one thing seems to remain as it was. Many games and their variations have been presented to the players but the slot machines still look as if they were from the last century. At this very moment “Haunted Slots”, a brand new generation of slot game, has arrived to give players a thrill.

“Haunted Slots” has started a pleasant sensation. Presented by HGC Entertainment (www.Heavensgatecasino.com) and developed by Futurebet “Haunted Slots” opens a totally new dimension to the player. This new generation of slots is not only groundbreaking but infinitely more fun and interactive for the Player.

A slot machine with a difference, Haunted Slots takes the player outside the normal slot experience, putting them up against a “ghostly” rotation. While the game “spins” like any other slot, the action is truly unique and will delight players who are tired of the same old design for their favorite game. With a marriage comprised of silky smooth functionality, eye-popping graphics and very high payout rates, “Haunted slots is truly from out of this world”, explained a respected industry analyst.

The game is completely browser based and requires no download or installation whatsoever – you can play from any where on any system – no matter whether Windows, Linux or Macintosh. A generous bonus system and a friendly customer support add to the experience and give Heaven’s Gate Casino a really unique feature among the many Unique Casino choices that players have online today.

BingoWorkz Ltd and GameWave Solutions Inc to Merge

San Jose, Costa Rica — The two fastest growing companies in the online bingo business have just signed an agreement to merge. BingoWorkz Ltd (World Bingo Network) and GameWave Solutions Inc (GameWave) will merge to form GameWorkz, a one stop shop for bingo software, technology and operations. The merged company will immediately become the biggest online bingo operator with over 50 licensees signed to the network.

The new company will be headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, with research and development based in Toronto, Canada, sales in London, England, and customer support operating from Perth, Western Australia. GameWorkz currently has over forty full time employees, and this number is set to double by the early part of next year as their aggressive development plans begin to take shape.

Two of the biggest online casino groups have already closed deals with GameWorkz to become part of the World Bingo Network, and a number of others are showing serious intent. GameWorkz has a unique business model. It offers licensees the opportunity to set up an independent, stand-alone bingo site if they choose to do so, or the opportunity to join the World Bingo Network where players from an infinite number of sites world wide all play in one single bingo game simultaneously. Prizes on the networked games are far bigger than any competitive sites can manage. Consequently, players and potential operators are going where the money is and GameWorkz currently has partnership integration work stretching through to the end of 2002.

Growth over the next eighteen months is expected to remain robust, with the new company projected to more than double in size every six months. Development plans are equally hectic with a number of revolutionary development projects in the pipeline, and an aggressive expansion planned into other areas of online ‘soft gaming’.