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Allied’s Quick and Easy Military Spouse Cookbook is Now Available

Need some inspiration in the kitchen? Check out Allied’s complimentary Quick and Easy Military Spouse Recipe Book and choose from nearly 100 recipes provided by real military spouses from across the globe! You can download your complimentary copy by visiting Allied’s Facebook page.

Here’s a “taste” of the Cookbook’s Contents:

-Nearly 100 Recipes for Every Craving

-Full-Color Pages

-Fun Retro Design

-Profiles and Pictures of Real Military Spouses

-And more!

So, how does cooking and online education go hand-in-hand? Time management. We understand that pursuing your education is no easy feat, especially when you have a family, a job and an array of other responsibilities. And based on our experiences assisting military spouse students, we feel they serve as prime examples of how to balance daily tasks with personal goals. Especially since many are managing households while their service members are deployed for months at a time. Who better to share a recipe that will also accommodate a jam-packed schedule?

Allied’s programs were designed for individuals who want to further their education, but feel trapped by the demands of a full schedule and tight budget. Online education with 24/7 access backed by live support, payment plan options and more makes meeting your goals possible – and leaves you time to prepare a “Quick and Easy” recipe too!

Medical Transcription Certification Program – What to Expect

People searching for a good medical transcription certification program are often bombarded by schools that offer training in medical transcription, but aren’t sure Translation Services UK how to sort out the good programs from those that don’t adequately prepare them for a career as a medical transcriptionist. Below is an overview of how a medical transcription certification program can help students get hired and on the path of career success.


ADHI Approval and Accreditation

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (ADHI) is a professional organization that sets the ultimate standards of practice and education for medical transcriptionists nationwide. In other words, a school cannot consider itself reliable for medical transcription certification without acknowledgment from ADHI. It is also important to find a school that is approved by the joint commission known as the ACCP – the Approval Committee for Certification Programs. This was established by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the ADHI to ensure that medical transcription certification programs met their highest standards. A school without ACCP accreditation and ADHI approval is not likely worth the tuition expense, because one cannot guarantee that the student will receive the best and latest education available.

Finally, a school should always have appropriate accreditation for the type of education they offer, whether it is distance learning or traditional learning, and be listed with the Department of Education (DOE) as a recognized accrediting agency.

Examination Completion Guarantees

To receive medical transcription certification and get employment in the field, one will need to pass the Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) examination. A good school will be willing to offer a “pass or no pay” guarantee to its students. In other words, the program should be comprehensive enough that a student who is able to pass all of his or her coursework should have no trouble passing the examination for certification or registry.

Comprehensive Tuition Structure

Going back to school can put a strain on the budget. Many people don’t think it’s affordable, especially when confronted with unexpected fees not included with tuition – lab fees, exam fees, and textbook costs that must be paid separately. Find a school guaranteeing that all costs are included in the tuition for the entire length of the program. This will help avoid cost snags during the medical transcription certification process.

In summary, the three most important things a reliable medical transcription certification program can offer is all-inclusive tuition, a guarantee on exam performance, and proper accreditation. Always examine a school thoroughly for these items in order to ensure that the education promised is the education provided.