Blogging · April 28, 2022

3 tips for your blog

  1. Think about an interesting headline. You don’t need to be a copywriter, but you should think about your headline and the topic at hand. More importantly, is it something that you are
    passionate about, or can contribute something to? It’s ok to spend some time here, writer’s block can come up. Think about other sites, can you re-write their UVP (unique value
    proposition)? How would you write yours (thinking theme here). What I’ve found to work is simply sit back and start talking as if you were discussing a (hot) topic with a friend, and then
    break it out into sub-groups from there.

2.Writing tips: casual, friendly and interesting (meaning you have something to write and you don’t copy others) works well in blogs. Make sure you stay on topic and that you are truthful.
Would you lie to your mother? Of course not – then think about this when you are writing online (and she will not come after you). Yahoo’s blogging policy is a good one: “Be respectful of your colleagues, get your facts straight, provide context to your argument, and engage in private feedback.”

One site that I know of has a blog, its written in the third part, meaning as someone not associated with the company, who shops the business on a regular basis. The blog is well traveled with traffic and has raised their page rank significantly.

  1. Committment, persistence and discipline. Sound like an extract from Jim Rohn or Anthony Robbins? Well, they probably are – but it applies to most of the things you do in life. So
    be it with blogging. Carve out 1/2-1 hour every day to nurture your blog business. Think of it as your morning ritual – right after you have attended to your family and other duties. Plus,
    often you are not going to be in writing mode – but rather, maintenance mode – reviewing and responding to other blogger’s input.

If you need to, hire a ghost writer to post to your blog, the results can be well worth it.